QUIET RIOT Singer JIZZY PEARL Criticizes Virtual Concerts: ‘The Constant Pandering For Money Doesn’t Look Good’

QUIET RIOT and LOVE/HATE singer Jizzy Pearl has criticized musicians for hosting livestreams on social media or via other platforms as a way of capturing revenue from their performances since the COVID-19 pandemic has wiped out artists’ touring revenues.

With concert promoters forced to suspend or delay the majority of their schedule for as long as social distancing is still taking place, livestreaming performances have been a way for some rock bands to generate the revenue they and their crew depend on to survive, or simply to keep their fans (and themselves) entertained while we all wait for venues to re-open. And as much of the world remains in quarantine, many industry experts believe that livestreaming will likely remain a crucial part of the live music experience in 2021.

On Wednesday (January 20), Jizzy took to his Facebook page to write: “A lot of people have given up on playing live. Its been a year and this Zoom shit is old and goofy at this point. Your Rock Star mystique is not enhanced by the visual of you sitting at your computer, I don’t care if you’re Brian May. Also the constant pandering for money…doesn’t look good. We as musicians all have bills for sure but Jesus…maybe that Mercedes SUV wasn’t a good idea.”

Two days later, Pearl returned to Facebook to elaborate on his views. He wrote: “I took a little heat about my last post–insensitive some might say. People gotta eat some might say. Yes thats true, I’m in the same boat as everyone else, all work has evaporated ‘When’s it coming back?’ I don’t know nobody does. But doing weekly Stage-its and weekly tip jars? Its like slowly cutting off pieces of yourself, selling yourself short bit by bit. When its all over who’s gonna want to pay $20 or $30 to see you or your band when they’ve seen you for $5? Or a ‘donation’ of $3? And the New Normal is Virtual concerts? Thats awesome, so instead of doing 20 or 30 shows a year I get to do just one? How exciting! What about the rest of the year, no more touring? This is our wonderful future? The longer this lockdown lasts the easier it is for people to Love their Couch–why go out ever when I can get MÖTLEY CRÜE delivered right to my home?”

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of concerts and festivals have either been postponed or canceled, as social distancing and self-quarantining make performing live music and attending live shows all but impossible.

U.S. officials have repeatedly urged Americans to heed what federal, state and local officials are asking of them in order to curtail the spread and dampen the impact of the virus on the population.

Earlier in the month, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that theaters and other live entertainment venues could reopen before the end of this year if the COVID-19 vaccine rollout goes well.

As long as the majority of Americans begin to receive a vaccine by the summer, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said performances could resume almost close to normal “some time in the fall of 2021.”

A lot of people have given up on playing live. Its been a year and this Zoom shit is old and goofy at this point. Your…

Posted by Jizzy Pearl on Wednesday, January 20, 2021

I took a little heat about my last post–insensitive some might say. People gotta eat some might say. Yes thats true, I’…

Posted by Jizzy Pearl on Friday, January 22, 2021

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RATT’s STEPHEN PEARCY Announces ‘Backstage Past’ Docuseries

As the landscape of live music has changed since 2020’s shutdown of music venues and close public gatherings, so have the ways of which to bring music to the fans. You can take the rock and roll out of the venue, but you can’t take the rock and roller away from his music. Folks will always find a way to have a good time.

When it comes to fans who wanna have a good time, look no further than RATT fans. Fans of RATT and singer Stephen Pearcy are the best rock and rollers on the planet. Pearcy fans will always find a way to “cheers” their way through life’s good and bad.

Pearcy lives life much the same way as his fans. He has therefore answered the call by bringing back the days of the “house party.” Back in the ’70s, when Stephen‘s pre-RATT band MICKEY RATT was playing the San Diego backyard scene, Stephen figured he could make things a lot easier if he set up his band at his own house, charged a buck a head and let the games begin. He had his friends come by and join in the jam, playing a little of this and little of that until the wee hours of the night.

Fast forward to 2021, and, as Pearcy sees it, the house party is still very much alive and well. With virtual gigs becoming a new norm and the new “house party,” Pearcy will introduce his “house party”-style sessions on his soon-to-be-released docuseries, “Backstage Past”, on ASY TV (Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV).

Expect the unexpected — from touring around locations from MICKEY RATT and early RATT days to behind the scenes of Stephen‘s livestreams to jamming with friends.

Stay tuned for programming dates. Filming begins February 23.

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EVANESCENCE’s AMY LEE: ‘I’m Looking Forward To A Better Tomorrow’ For All Of Us

EVANESCENCE singer Amy Lee was honored with the “Powerhouse Award” at the ninth annual She Rocks Awards, which was streamed live on Friday, January 22 on Believeinmusic.TV, Parade.com and AXS.TV.

During the She Rocks Awards “red carpet” portion of the event, Lee was asked by John Stapleton from M.A.C Cosmetics about the title of the upcoming EVANESCENCE album “The Bitter Truth”, which will be released on March 26 via BMG. She said (see video below): “Every day I have a new thing. I’m, like, ‘That’s the bitter truth.’ [Laughs] Right now, it’s hard, because it’s a lot of things that aren’t funny or smiley to say. But I think the fact that we’re facing a lot of these realities is really healthy, and we have to. There has to be a moment for us to go, ‘Okay, we’re broken. This is messed up, and it’s not gonna change if we just keep pretending like it isn’t here.’ So, facing these injustices with sexism and racism and so much more that are happening around the world, it’s time. And the bitter truth is that we do have to go through these growing pains and face this in order to get to a better place. So, as hard as it is, and as scary as it has been at times, I’m looking forward to a better tomorrow for not just myself but for my son, and for the people coming after us.”

Fans can pre-order a digital version, CD, vinyl and a limited-edition deluxe fan box set of “The Bitter Truth” featuring a bonus CD, journal, poster and special cassette of exclusive audio from the making of the LP. Every pre-order will automatically come with downloads of already-released songs “Wasted On You”, “The Game Is Over”, and “Use My Voice”, as well as “Yeah Right”.

“The Bitter Truth” is an epic, guitar-driven collection inspired by the (often-bitter) realities of the 21st Century and our world. The already-released songs have received early accolades from Elle, Billboard, SPIN, American Songwriter, and more, and showcase the “ferocious and hymnal” (The New York Times) sound that made EVANESCENCE a household name, as well as the drama and powerhouse vocals that made Amy Lee “one of rock’s definitive voices” (Rolling Stone).

EVANESCENCE‘s new music was produced by Nick Raskulinecz, who also worked on 2011’s self-titled LP.

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CHEAP TRICK To Release New Single ‘Light Up The Fire’ On Thursday

CHEAP TRICK will release a new single, “Light Up The Fire”, on Thursday, January 28. A short preview is available below.

Last fall, CHEAP TRICK singer Robin Zander said that fans won’t have to wait too long to hear new music from the band. “We have an album that’s already done and it’s ready to go,” he told AXS TV‘s “At Home And Social With”. “It’s been put on hold because of the virus… We’re very excited about it. We signed a deal with BMG. And we’ll see what happens.”

According to Robin, the new CHEAP TRICK LP will please the band’s longtime followers, including those who have supported the group since its inception nearly five decades ago.

“We’ve made a lot of records, and we just continue making records — for ourselves mostly, but also for our immediate fans that still cling to us,” he says. “It’s something, I think, that is our lifeblood; it keeps us going… And I believe that we still make quality records. If we didn’t, we probably wouldn’t do it anymore.”

In September, CHEAP TRICK released a cover version of David Bowie‘s “Rebel Rebel”. The track was engineered and produced by Jack Douglas.

Back in 2018, CHEAP TRICK released a single called “The Summer Looks Good On You” and followed it up with 2019 updates of Harry Nilsson‘s “Ambush” and John Lennon‘s “Gimme Some Truth”.

The band has released nearly 20 studio records, including three in the past four years: 2016’s “Bang, Zoom, Crazy… Hello” and 2017’s “We’re All Alright!” and “Christmas Christmas”.

In 2018, CHEAP TRICK took part in the “Nothin’ But A Good Time Tour” with POISON.

A career highpoint for the quartet was its 2016 induction into the Rock And Roll Of Fame, where it accepted its award before performing three of its hits — “I Want You to Want Me”, “Dream Police” and “Surrender”.

CHEAP TRICK‘s current lineup includes three of its original members: Zander, guitarist Rick Nielsen and bassist Tom Petersson. Drummer Bun E. Carlos stopped touring with the band in 2010 and was replaced by Nielsen‘s son Daxx.

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DAVE MUSTAINE Mourns Loss Of ALEXI LAIHO: ‘Now The Heaven Heavy Metal Band Has Its Lead Guitar Player’

Dave Mustaine has paid tribute to former CHILDREN OF BODOM frontman Alexi Laiho, who died last month at the age of only 41.

During the January 7 episode of his Gimme Radio program “The Dave Mustaine Show”, the MEGADETH leader said (hear audio below): “We had a tragic loss last week with my friend, and I’m sure a lot of your friend loss also. I’m sure a lot of you were friends with this gentleman too — Alexi Laiho from CHILDREN OF BODOM passed away. They didn’t really have anything to say about how he passed away other than he’d been battling some long-term illnesses. I knew him as a very gentle spirit with an amazing talent. In fact, when I was doing the ‘Symphony Interrupted’ performance [with the San Diego Symphony in April 2014], I watched he and his other guitar player — I can’t remember the guitar player’s name — but they did the Vivaldi part. It was one of the two Vivaldi pieces that I did; I can’t remember their names right now off the top of my head.

“Rest in peace, my friend,” Mustaine added. “You are sadly missed by so many people. We love you. I guess now the heaven heavy metal band has its lead guitar player.”

Laiho died in his home in Helsinki. He had suffered from long-term health issues leading up to his death.

Laiho and drummer Jaska Raatikainen founded CHILDREN OF BODOM in 1993, and the band was one of the most internationally acclaimed metal acts in Finland up until their very last farewell concert in December of 2019. Last year, Alexi put together BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT, which recorded three songs and shot one music video, to be released posthumously.

Besides CHILDREN OF BODOM, Laiho had played in such acts as WARMEN, SINERGY, KYLÄHULLUT and THE LOCAL BAND. Awarded with a Metal Hammer Golden God and several other international prizes, the guitarist was also the main star, leading a group of one hundred guitar players at the Helsinki Festival in 2015 in “100 Guitars From Hel” — a massive concert piece he composed.

BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT made its live debut last October at Rytmikorjaamo in Seinäjoki, Finland. The 17-song show consisted entirely of CHILDREN OF BODOM material.

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