Rapid City Council looks to repeal, update voting Wards & Precincts

Rapid City Council looks to repeal, update voting Wards & Precincts

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City leaders are looking to repeal the code relating to wards and precincts.
Discussions came about through the city’s working session on Wednesday.
This is actually a common occurrence, one that comes around every ten years when the new census numbers come out. By updating the ordinance, the city redraws ward and precinct boundaries, depending on the distribution of residents.

“Basically anytime that we’re annexing or de-annexing tracts of land because again that affects the voting precincts, the voters wards both for the city and also for the county,” said Darrell Shoemaker, the Communications Coordinator for the City of Rapid City.
The first reading of the ordinance will take place on Tuesday. Two tracts of land would be annexed, with one removed from Ward one and another from Ward two. One tract of land is also being added to Ward one.
Shoemaker says that anyone who’s moving into the tracts of land, they will be notified that they will be voting in the county elections while if they moved into the city, they could be notified that they’d vote in the city elections.

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