RCAS teacher goes the extra mile for a student

RCAS teacher goes the extra mile for a student

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Talon, a senior at Central High School, in Mr. Snoozy’s AP Calculus class had put in time to study for the upcoming test, but after Talon’s mom tested positive for COVID-19, Talon was at home in quarantine for the next 14 days.
Talon saw a grade of 0 for a test he would be missing and began to worry. To help ease his anxiety, Mr. Snoozy drove to Talon’s house and gave him the test to take with proper precautions – he sat in his pickup while Talon took the test.
Don Snoozy, Central High School Math Teacher, says, “I knew he was having that frustration and I knew it was the best thing for him, especially in the beginning when I’m trying to get to know my students. It was the right thing to do in my heart because I didn’t want to lose him in the long run because I don’t have him buying into what we are doing in class. I could have him lost for the rest of the year and I didn’t want that to happen.”
Talon was grateful for his efforts.
Talon Tippmann, Central High School Senior, says, “It was really cool. It made me feel way better knowing that it wasn’t gonna be a zero and that I could just get it over with right then and there and it was nice of him”
Talon’s mom is also a teacher, and she was touched by the gesture.
Taryn Thomas, Talon’s mom, says, “I know that what he did was really going above and beyond. All of his teachers have been so great and understanding with the whole thing, but that was something that was really unique that he did and I know that being a teacher right now is really, really, hard. So, the fact that in a stressful time, he didn’t think about himself … he wanted to make sure that Talon got to do something that he really wanted to get done.”
Talon would have been able to make up the material in his classes, eventually, but would have rather taken the test sooner so that the content was fresh in his mind.
Talon plans on attending college after graduation.

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