Rushmore Hall emergency homeless shelter to be moved

Rushmore Hall emergency homeless shelter to be moved

RAPID CITY, S.D. — While the emergency homeless shelter at the civic center will be closing soon, it’s not going away, just moving and being downsized.
The 100 bed shelter was setup at Rushmore Hall to give the homeless population a place to recover should they contract the coronavirus.
However, the highest number of people staying at the shelter on any given day was 14. So the shelter will now be relocated to North Lacrosse street, with the number of beds reduced to 20.
Dustin Willett, Director for Pennington County Emergency Management, said “We’re thankful we didn’t need the 100 beds we setup for and this just makes sense to right size the operation. Everything that we are currently offering at the civic center will be offered at the new facility, so there’s no reduction in service.”
The shelter at the civic center will be open until Sunday, July 5.
The move to Lacrosse is planned for the following day.

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