Original VAN HALEN Bassist MARK STONE Dies After Battle With Cancer

Original VAN HALEN bassist Mark Stone has passed away after a battle with cancer.

Mark‘s death was confirmed by his brother, Brad Stone, who wrote on Instagram: “My beloved brother Mark passed this morning. #markstone #vanhalen #fanhalen”.

Mark was the bass guitar player in the pre-VAN HALEN band MAMMOTH from 1972 until 1974. Along with Stone, MAMMOTH featured Eddie Van Halen (lead vocals and guitar) and Alex Van Halen (drums). In early 1974, vocalist David Lee Roth joined the group, whcih shortly thereafter changed its name to VAN HALEN. By around mid-1974, Stone‘s VAN HALEN bandmates felt that his commitment to school outweighed his interests in pursuing music professionally, and decided to look for another bass player. Michael Anthony, from the Pasadena-area band SNAKE, was chosen as Stone‘s replacement. Stone remained on good terms with his former bandmates, and attended Eddie Van Halen‘s marriage to Valerie Bertinelli in 1981.

Stone was featured in the “Van Halen Story – The Early Years” DVD, which was released in 2003. In 2015 and 2016, Stone made guest appearances with FAN HALEN, a band paying tribute to the Roth-era lineup of VAN HALEN (see video below).

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PAUL STANLEY Pushes Back Against Concerns Around Mail-In Voting: ‘This Is The Reality’

KISS frontman Paul Stanley has dismissed misinformation about voting by mail, some prompted by the president, including false claims it will lead to widespread fraud — despite evidence showing such fraud is extremely rare. Experts say mail voting has proven remarkably secure.

Earlier today, Stanley tweeted a link to The Hill article headlined “Let’s put the vote-by-mail ‘fraud’ myth to rest”, and he included the following message: “THIS is the reality…”

Even though people have been voting by mail in the United States for nearly a hundred years, many states are expanding mail-in voting due to safety concerns about in-person voting during the pandemic. According to NPR, all states allow at least a portion of their voting population to vote by mail. Some states allow all registered voters to receive a mail ballot (also known as an absentee ballot), and some states require an excuse or reason.

Trump has repeatedly attacked state efforts to expand voting by mail, calling mail-in ballots “dangerous,” “unconstitutional,” “a scam” or rife with “fraud.” This despite the fact that numerous independent studies and government reviews have found voter fraud extremely rare in all forms, including mail-in voting, according to The New York Times.

This is not the first time Stanley has spoken out on political issues. Back in August, he blasted Trump for claiming his opponents may steal November’s election. A month earlier, he encouraged his social media followers to vote in November, saying that “we have a responsibility to our past and to our future.” In April, Stanley blamed a shifting media environment for sharpening partisan divides, saying that Fox News and CNN viewers and live in “different realities.”

“Any conversation I’ve had with somebody who feels contrary to [a particular point of view], they stick to their guns because their reality is based on information that they’re getting from a source that has their own agenda,” Stanley said during an appearance on Richard Marx‘s “Social Distancing” talk show. “I’m not saying that CNN is guiltless. It’s really become the network of the Democrats versus the network of the Republicans, and your reality and what you see as the truth, not coincidentally, is based upon which network you watch. And that’s terrible. We’re living in separate universes. If you go from one channel to the other, you think you’re in a different time.

“If I were to watch whatever network I watch that’s called ‘The News,’ it’s going to feed me what I believe to be reality,” he added. “That’s the basic truth of it. And, unfortunately, there seems to be different realities, alternate realities… There’s gotta be a truth.”

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DEE SNIDER Is ‘Hugely Disappointed’ In ALICE COOPER Over ‘Abuse Of Power’ Comments

Dee Snider says that he is “hugely disappointed” in Alice Cooper after coming across a years-old quote from the legendary rocker about musicians speaking out on political issues.

In a 2018 interview with The Guardian, Cooper said that he keeps his political opinions to himself. “I don’t like to mix politics and rock ‘n’ roll,” he said. “I don’t look at Bono, Sting and Bruce Springsteen as political. I look at them as being humanitarian. I’ll contribute to anything humanitarian. Helping people who can’t help themselves. But when musicians are telling people who to vote for, I think that’s an abuse of power. You’re telling your fans not to think for themselves, just to think like you. Rock ‘n’ roll is about freedom — and that’s not freedom.”

On Thursday (September 24) — two days after this year’s National Voter Registration Day — RATT singer Stephen Pearcy shared a meme of Cooper‘s quote, and he added the following message: “Well said Coop @alicecooper. Now let’s get back to music. Making people feel good”.

Within a couple of hours, Snider — who was famously called to testify before the U.S. Senate against the proposition to have warning labels be placed on albums deemed “offensive” to listeners — weighed in, writing: “Fair enough, BUT @alicecooper told me he wouldn’t have testified at the senate hearings on censorship either. I did and I got a lot of heat for it at the time. It may not have been the best thing to do for my career… BUT SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO TAKE A STAND!!!”

The following morning, the TWISTED SISTER frontman revisited Cooper words, writing in a separate tweet: “Reading this quote from @alicecooper again (assuming it’s accurate) I’m hugely disappointed in his calling musicians speaking out an ‘abuse of power’. Alice is a friend and a hero to me and I know a lot (too much) about the man.”

He added: “Many of his heroes and inspirations are people who spoke out against political positions and his own legacy challenged us to question the accepted norm. I ask you @alicecooper Is it okay to challenge art but not philosophy? Doesn’t it all come down to questioning beliefs?”

Another musician who seemingly agreed with Pearcy and Cooper is STRYPER frontman Michael Sweet, who also responded to Stephen‘s tweet. Sweet wrote: “I couldn’t agree more Stephen. What many ‘stars’ don’t seem to understand is regardless of what they rant on and on about, people are going to do what they want to do. Vote for who they want to vote for. Free will, free choice. @alicecooper is 100% correct”.

Dee, who got to know Trump personally after appearing more than once on “The Celebrity Apprentice”, has been an outspoken critic of America’s 45th president, tweeting incessantly against Trump‘s administration and blasting Trump as “a commie-loving traitor” who is prostituting our democracy. He has also engaged in heated Twitter fights with Trump followers, some of whom have taken issue with his colorful delivery and unapologetic tone.

Four years ago, Cooper said that rock stars offering their political opinions is “the worst idea ever.” “First of all, why do people think rock stars know more than they do?” he said. “That is the biggest fallacy in the world — if anything, we’re dumber. We’re not smarter than anybody else. I mean, why do you think we’re rock stars?

“Trust me, we don’t read magazines you don’t read. Nobody calls us up and gives us as inside information on politics. We know less than you do. If I watch TV, it’s ‘Family Guy’.

“Rock ‘n’ roll was built to go as far away from politics as you could get. When my mom and dad talked about who to vote for, I’d go in the other room and put on THE BEATLES or ROLLING STONES — and I’m still like that.”

Cooper, who considers himself a humanitarian, said that he had no problem with artists using their platform to highlight global issues if it benefited others.

He said: “I think what Bono does and what [Bruce] Springsteen does, Sting and all the people that raise money for others — that’s humanitarian, and I’m all for that. But I don’t think that’s political.”

In a 2016 interview with Rolling Stone, Cooper stated about then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump: “He’s an interesting character. It seems like he shoots himself in the foot every single day and gets more popular by doing it. It’s the weirdest. It’s like [Kurt] Vonnegut: Everything that shouldn’t happen is happening.”

Cooper previously said that he would even go so far as to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing just to make a point. During the 2004 election season, he said: “When I read the list of people who are supporting Kerry, if I wasn’t already a Bush supporter, I would have immediately switched. Linda Ronstadt? Don Henley? Geez, that’s a good reason right there to vote for Bush.”

He also mused about sitting between such political rocker icons as John Lennon and Harry Nilsson while they argued politics and thinking, “I don’t care.”

Back in November 2016, Sweet drew criticism from some STRYPER fans for posting a picture of Trump and congratulating the real estate mogul for “working his ass off for the presidency of the United States of America.”

In early March, Sweet praised Trump‘s actions that served to ramp up the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic — even after Trump was criticized by some parts of the media for downplaying fears about COVID-19 or actively spreading misinformation about its repercussions.

This past May, Sweet said that he would like to see his band represented by Trump‘s fourth White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany.

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Former TRIVIUM bassist Brent Young, who played on the band’s debut album, 2003’s “Ember To Inferno”, has died.

The news of his passing was confirmed by TRIVIUM guitarist/vocalist Matt Heafy who wrote on Instagram: “We have just been given word on the passing of one of the early members of TRIVIUM, Brent Young.

“Having had a couple wonderful years with Brent in the Florida local band scene, doing the Blue demo and ETI together, the very first European mini-tour and first USA tour together – I have nothing but amazing memories of a wonderful person.

“Our hearts and condolences go out to all of Brent‘s family and friends.”

Another former TRIVIUM member, drummer Travis Smith, also commented on Young‘s death. He wrote: “I will forever remember September 25th at 6:48pm. This is when I received the most saddening, heartbreaking phone call I’ve ever received. My brother and best friend for the past 27 years has past and is no longer with me.

Brent you will forever be missed and loved,” he continued. “I cherish every memory we have together. We shared so many great times and monumental moments in our lives together and I feel we still had so many more to go. You will forever be with me and so many others.

“Heaven received a beautiful person yesterday and you will forever be missed.

“I love you. Rest In Peace.”

Several years ago, Young and Smith launched a new project called BLACKNOVA. At the time, the group’s style was described as “hard rock, heavy metal, progressive rock and groove rock.”

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RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS Drummer CHAD SMITH Lists Hamptons Home For $15 Million

According to Realtor.com, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS drummer Chad Smith has listed his house in Montauk, New York for $15 million. The gated property spans four acres and includes a main house with five bedrooms, 5.5 baths, and 4,750 square feet of living space. There is also a detached two-bedroom, two-bathroom guest cottage with its own entrance, as well as a kitchenette, and a heated saltwater pool in the backyard. Other notable outdoor features are a dining area, fire pit, and film screening area.

Smith and his wife Nancy also own a five-bedroom home in Malibu that they bought in 2006 for $8.6 million.

One of the most successful acts in rock history, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS have sold more than 60 million albums, including five multi-platinum LPs, and won six Grammy Awards, including “Best Rock Album” for “Stadium Arcadium”, “Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group” for “Dani California”, “Best Rock Song” for “Scar Tissue”, and “Best Hard Rock Performance With Vocal” for “Give It Away”. The band was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in April 2012.

Last year, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS welcomed guitarist John Frusciante back after a 10-year absence. Frusciante has played on five of the band’s 11 studio albums, including their most critically and commercially successful LPs “Mother’s Milk” (1989), “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” (1991) and “Californication” (1999).

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS are currently working on their 12th studio album.

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